The National Strategy for Volunteering is now in its first-year Establishment Phase. This phase lays the foundations for success over the National Strategy for Volunteering’s ten-year horizon. It will see engagement with stakeholders from across the volunteering to deliver four key items:

  • Three-Year Action Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Governance Blueprint
  • Model for Shared Accountability for Implementation

There are many ways to participate in the National Strategy for Volunteering, including opportunities to guide its implementation. Stakeholders across the volunteering ecosystem will participate in dedicated workshops, online events and working groups.

Join the Coalition of Support

Join the Coalition of Support for the National Strategy for Volunteering and help make volunteering the heart of Australian communities!

The Coalition of Support allows stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to making volunteering the heart of Australian communities by signing up as official supporters of the National Strategy for Volunteering.

Visit the Coalition of Support page for more information.

Have Your Say: Action Plan Co-Design

The National Strategy team have hosted dozens of consultations, workshops and events with members of the volunteering ecosystem. Thank you to the hundreds of people across the volunteering ecosystem who have collectively submitted over 1,600 suggestions for the first Three-Year Action Plan.

Didn’t make it to a workshop? Please visit this page and use the form to have your say.

Use the National Strategy for Volunteering

Members of the volunteering ecosystem can use the National Strategy for Volunteering to:

  • Develop new initiatives or align existing work with those of other actors.
  • Make the case for investment and in-kind resourcing to governments, philanthropists, foundations,
    and other grant‑makers.
  • Collaborate with other members of the volunteering ecosystem to achieve shared goals.
  • Conduct internal reviews to understand the efficacy of one’s own operations and identify areas for improvement.
  • Work together to advance a shared agenda on volunteering to ensure volunteering in Australia is
    sustainable over the long-term and continues to be part of the rich social and cultural fabric of society.

Visit the first anniversary showcase page to read examples of the National Strategy being used to strengthen volunteering outcomes across Australia.

Event Feedback and Workshop Questions

The National Strategy team regularly host events and consultations as part of the co-design process. Didn’t make it to the previous event? Or do you have feedback? We want to hear from you!

Please use the below form to share your thoughts on the workshop questions or leave feedback from the most recent event (Individual Potential and the Volunteer Experience, 17 January).